By:Nayeli Date:12-14-17

On Christmas day it’s a jolly time. It’s a time where kids can’t wait to open their presents. Most families like to spend Christmas with feasts and gifts. The winter performances are coming up we are all excited. The songs from kindergarten Is ‘’dancing to little snowflake;; and ‘’jingle bell rock , First grade song is ‘’The happiest Christmas tree’’, second grade song is the ‘’ugly sweater ‘’, the third grade song is ‘’Santa Claus is coming to town’’ and ‘’feliz navidad’, then fourth grade song is’’ rocking around the Christmas tree’’, fifth grade song ‘’is step into Christmas’’, sixth grade song is Disney ‘’let it go’’ and ‘’do you want build a snowman’’.



                                             By Nayeli 11/17/17

Lunch started at 11:30 but the carnival began at 12:00 it ended at 2pm. The carnival is free for kids that attend Minnie Cannon but kids that don’t come to Minnie Cannon have to pay 5$. They played tug-o-war and they did fun activities like bowling, making ghost lollipops, and splat the rat game. They did face painting. The face paint they did was a butterfly, bus, a skull, ladybug, and a emoji.We all went home happy because we had no work to do! The carnival was huge success. `

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